Terms and Conditions

1. Membership

1.1. DCH Eshopis open to all persons who are 18 years of age or above.
1.2. Applicants of the Membership shall complete the application process as DCH Eshop may decide from time to time, including but not limited to completing a registration/application form and/or providing certain personal data. Incomplete or inaccurate forms might not be processed by DCH Eshop. DCH Eshop reserves the right to approve or reject any application in its sole discretion without giving any reason.
1.3. DCH Eshop Member ("the Member") must submit the required information from the time of application. Otherwise, the Card will be temporarily suspended without prior notification. The Card shall be re-activated upon all required information has been received by DCH Eshop.
1.4. The original completed registration/application form(s) are non-returnable after submitted.
2. Amendments
Dah Chong Hong, Limited includes World of Quality Products, Sims Wine Club, DCH FoodMart, IMSA, E.A. Butler, Gilman, DCH Motor Leasing, MotorMech Service Station, called the Company.

All orders are subject to confirmation of final availability of the stock and the Company reserves the right to reject the order in the event that any of the products or services requested are unavailable. In the event that we are unable to fulfill any of the products or services in the Customer’s order, we will notify the Customer by phone or email before delivery.
 3.  Purchase Order in Individual Shop
3.1 DCH Eshop is an online shopping platform by Dah Chong Hong, Limited. Our group offer a wide variety of product from our global distribution brands and house brands, ranging from foods, beverages and wines, premium dried seafood, consumer products, electrical appliances and digital products and personal care products. DCH Eshop is a shopping mall with individual Shop, which offers differentiated brands and products ranges.
3.2.   To make first purchase order
After logged in, you may see and use the Member Price for your purchase. Once you selected your items, click the “Add to Cart” button, the item will be put into the Shopping Cart. Once complete all your item selection, you may check your Shopping Cart by click the icon“My Cart” on the top-right corner in the webpage, or the blue icon at the bottom of webpage.  Product is in limited quantity, while stock lasts and upon the payment completed. In the Shopping Cart, your purchased items will be in the each Shop’s Cart. To check out your shopping cart, in the first Shop, please select the delivery method and to press the “Checkout” button to confirm your order; if you have selected “Delivery”, you may input your delivery address and then press the “Submit Order” button and then make payment of the 1st order to complete the purchase process. You will receive an “Sales Order Received Notification” email for your record of this Shop.
If you have selected items from more than one shop, after you have complete the payment of your first Shop’s order, you may select to come back to your Shopping Cart to process the order of the next Shop. Or, you can come back any time after logged out, to continue to process your outstanding orders.
The CS team of each Shop will contact you to confirm your order delivery details. If you are not successfully be reached before the delivery day, DCH Eshop reserve the right in the cancellation of such order. Please kindly take note, thank you. 

4. Title & Refund Policy

4.1 All risks in the products shall pass to the Customer upon delivery but DCH Eshop shall retain title in the products until full payment has been received.

4.2.1. It is the receiver's responsibility to check the condition of any goods received, at the time of delivery.

4.2.2. To cancel the shop order, please contact our individual shop’s Customer Service Team, latest by 48 hours before the order is delivered.

4.2.3. If you have paid by credit card, we will refund to your credit card account. The whole process should take around 1 month.

4.2.4.  Please refer to the individual shop’s Terms and Conditions.

5. Member Benefits
5.1. To redeem the benefits, the Member must:
(1) Present his/her membership data (Customer can find his/her own data in “My Account” section)
(2) Present his/her Identity card, which carry the legitimate name of the respective member (in case the redemption is in our retail outlet store.).
5.2. After redemption, e-point will be deduced automatically from the customers’ accounts.
5.3. In case of any question or enquiry on the earning and redemption of e-Points, the Member must email to Eshop@dch.com.hk and follow the instructions give out by DCH Eshop, and such DCH Eshop reserve the right to change the instruction from time to time without prior notice, otherwise no E-Points could be accrued for the purchases. In case of any dispute, DCH Eshop reserves the right of final decision.
6. Privacy Policy
6.1. General
6.1.1. This statement provides information on the policies of Dah Chong Hong, Limited in respect of all subsidiaries, businesses and websites under Dah Chong Hong Group (collectively "Businesses") under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap.486) of Hong Kong (“Ordinance”).
6.1.2. Terms used in this statement shall, unless otherwise specified, be construed in accordance with the Ordinance.
6.2. Purpose of collection of personal data
6.2.1. The provision of any personal data by you on your behalf to the Businesses shall be voluntary and .shall be deemed to authorize our Company to collect, retain, update and use your personal data for the purpose of clause 2.2 below.
6.2.2. The personal data provided by you or on your behalf to the Businesses from time to time as well as all other personal data related to you collected and held by our Company will be used for the following purposes:
- Processing your application for membership of the loyalty programmes of the Businesses including but not limited to DCH Food Mart member club, DCH Food Mart Deluxe member club, Epicure member club, and @Food Club;
- Operating daily for provision of goods, facilities and services to you;
- Providing additional goods, facilities and services to you as they may arise from time to time;
- Collecting outstanding amount payable by customers;
- Updating and verifying your identity and other information in accordance with relevant laws;
- Marketing and direct marketing purposes, including the service or products of selected business partners, and issuing any advertising and/or marketing materials to you;
- Conducting statistics and market research for the purpose of providing products or services to you;
- Performing statistical analysis of your habit and behavior in order to design suitable products and services to you;
- Comparing the personal data provided by you with your other information possessed from time to time by any other member of DCH Group for verification purposes; 
- Making such disclosures as may be required for any of the above purposes or by law;
- Achieving any other lawful purposes relating to any of the aforesaid purposes; and
- Enforcing any legal or other rights that our Company may have against you in respect of the Businesses.
6.2.3. In the event that in our Company's opinion, the personal data provided by you is insufficient or our Company is not satisfied that such data is true and accurate, our Company reserves the right to refuse to withhold process of your application or provision of any service to you unless and until the personal data required by our Company is provided.
6.2.4. For the purposes stipulated in clause 2.2 above, any employee of our Company shall be entitled to inspect the personal data provided by you.
6.3. Use of personal data
Our Company will ensure the confidentiality of collected personal data but may provide such information to the following parties (including parties within as well as outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“Hong Kong”)) for the purpose of implementing the “purpose of collection of personal data” mentioned above:
(a) Any agent, contractor or third party service provider who provides administrative, telecommunications, computer, or other services to the Businesses;
(b) Any agent authorized by the Businesses from time to time to process personal data of our customer;
(c) Any business partner selected by the Businesses;
(d) Any other members of the DCH Group, within as well as outside Hong Kong;
(e) Auditors, consultants or legal adviser(s) of our Company , within as well as outside Hong Kong;
(f) Any other person under a duty of confidentiality to our Company; and
(g) Any of the actual or proposed assignees or transferees of the Businesses.
6.4. Duty of confidentiality
6.4.1. Our Company shall exercise reasonable endeavors to ensure that the personal data provided by you shall be kept confidential and be placed in secure locations. Our Company shall further exercise reasonable endeavors to ensure the integrity, prudence and competence of the persons who have access to such data.
6.4.2. In compliance with any law in Hong Kong, our Company may disclose the personal data provided by you to governmental authorities or other regulatory bodies or persons.
6.5. Special provisions for personal data held by our Company on the internet
6.5.1. By assessing the Businesses through our Company's website (“Site”), you shall be deemed to agree to the terms and conditions in this statement.
6.5.2. All reasonable efforts are made to ensure that any personal data held by our Company from time to time through the Site is stored in secure and safe storage.
6.5.3. Our Company may use “cookies” on the Site so as to:
(a) enable tighter security;
(b) enable you to complete the application process;
(c) personalize the Site for you; and
(d) build online profile for you.
6.5.4. You may disallow “cookies” at any time on your web browser.
6.6. Your rights
6.6.1. In the event that you have objections to any use of the personal data in accordance with clause 5.2 or any provision or disclosure of such data in accordance with clause 5.3 above, please inform our Company in writing. The address of our Company is stated in the relevant forms/contracts executed between you and us. You can also contact us through “Contact Us” in the footer of DCH Eshop website. Our Company shall cease the use and/or provision or disclosure of such data upon confirmation of your request.
6.6.2. Unless you request our Company to dispose of all personal data provided by you, you acknowledge that we shall retain all such personal data and may continue to deliver to you marketing information even after cancellation or withdrawal of your application for membership of any of the clubs organized by the Businesses or your membership in such clubs, expiry of the warranty period of any goods supplied or service provided by the Businesses or completion of any sale of goods or provision of services by the Businesses (as the case may be).
6.7. Access and correction request
6.7.1. You have the right to request access to and correction of your personal data in accordance with the Ordinance.
6.7.2. In the event that you intend to correct any personal data, please inform our Company in writing so that our Company shall be able to make the amendments accordingly.
6.7.3. Enquiries concerning the personal data collected, including access and corrections, should be addressed to the address stated in the relevant forms/contracts executed between you and our Company or any other address from time to time stipulated by the Businesses.
6.7.4. In accordance with the terms of the Ordinance, our Company has the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request. You agree to pay such fees.
6.8. Use of personal data in Direct Marketing
The Businesses intend to use a customer's personal data in direct marketing and may not so use the data unless our Company has received the customer's consent (which includes an indication of no objection) to such intended use. In this connection, please note that: 
6.8.1. Name of customer, contact details, products and services portfolio information, transaction pattern and behavior, consumption preference, financial background and demographic data of the customer held by the Businesses from time to time may be used in direct marketing;
6.8.2. Direct Marketing may be conducted by the business in accordance with the following classes of goods, facilities, services, and other marketing subjects:
(a) Member activities, special offers and service
(b) Retail (include food & beverages, electronic appliances, apparel, shopping mall activities, jewelry etc.)
(c) Pre-order and home delivery service
(d) Consumer products and services (include personal care, beauty, motors, maintenance and repairs )
(e) On-line service ( include retail, auction, group buying , purchase, trading and payment platforms)
(f) Entertainment and recreation
(g) Banking, credit card and financial
(h) Hotel, Travel and Transportation
(i) Telecommunications, medical and property
(j) Market research
(k) Donations and contributions for charitable and non-profit making purposes;
6.8.3. The above goods, facilities, services and marketing subjects may be provided or solicited by the Businesses and/or:
(a) any subsidiary, affiliate or associated company of Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited;
(b) any third party goods and/or services provider;
(c) any third party reward, loyalty, co-branding or privileges programme provider; and
(d) any charitable organization;
6.8.4. In addition to marketing the above goods, facilities, services and other marketing subjects by itself, the Businesses also intend to provide the above personal data to all or any of the persons described in sub-paragraph (iii) above for use by them or it in marketing those goods, facilities, services and other marketing subjects, and the Businesses may not so provide the data unless our Company has received the customer's written consent (which includes an indication of no objection) to the intended provision.
If the customer does not wish the Businesses to use or provide to any other persons his personal data for use in direct marketing as described above, the customer may exercise his opt-out right by notifying our Company, in which event the Businesses must, without charge to the customer, cease to use or provide to other persons the customer's personal data for use in direct marketing.
The customer may provide his consent to the Businesses' using or providing to other person his personal data for use in direct marketing as described above by notifying the Data Protection Officer of the Businesses, whose contact details are set out below, or through such other channel which the customer may be advised of when providing personal data to the Businesses.
6.9. Data protection officer of the Businesses
The person to whom requests for access to data or correction of data or for information regarding our Company's privacy policies and practices and kinds of data held and for any other communications hereinabove described are to be addressed is as follows: 

The Data Protection Officer
[7/F, DCH Building, 20 Kai Cheung Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong]
Tel. [27683474]    Fax. [27536266]    E-mail [Eshop@dch.com.hk

6.10. Language
If there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions, the English version shall prevail.
7. Delivery & Office Self Pick-Up Service
Customers will receive an “Order Acknowledgement” Mail after you placed your orders. The customer service representative of respective Shop will contact and confirm with you the amount, quantity, prices and delivery date in the following working day. After that, a “Order Confirmation” Mail will be sent to your email address for you to confirm the whole order details. And, we will arrange the delivery accordingly.
7.1. Home Delivery Methods:
7.1.1 Home Delivery Charging Rate & Free Delivery Conditions
DCH Eshop delivery service is operated in Hong Kong SAR. For each individual Shop, free delivery service will be provided for individual Shop order exceed the minimum purchase amount (per each delivery address).
Delivery fee of individual Shop are as follow:

Our Shop: Min. Amount Per Order of Free Delivery Service: Delivery Fee to be borne by the customer: Individual Shop specific terms and conditions:
DCH Food Mart $800 $50 Details
IMSA $800 $90 Details
DCH AURIGA $1,000 $100 Details
Sims World of Quality Products Non-Wine* Products$800 $90 Details
BRAND'S Products : $1,900
Sims Wine Club $800 $90 Details
EA Butler $1,500 $100 Details
Gilman $1,000 $100 Details
DCH Motor Leasing Not Applicable Not Applicable Details
MotorMech    Not Applicable Not Applicable Details
DCH Living(eshop Special Promotion​) Not Applicable Not Applicable Details
Yokohama Not Applicable Not Applicable Details
DCH Consumer Products Not Applicable Not Applicable  -
Auto Parts & Accessories $1,000 Depending on the order Details

*Note: Sims Non Wine Products (Excluding 「BRAND’S」Products, Sims Wine Products, Chilled and Frozen Products)
※The minimum purchase amount for free delivery service is subject to change in special holidays or peak season, DCH Eshop reserve the right to revise the amount and will be posted on the Eshop platfrom from time to time.

7.1.2. Delivery time: Please contact individual Shops

7.2.  Kowloon Bay Office Self Pick-up arrangement
DCH Eshop provide the Self Pick-Up services and is available at DCH Building (Kowloon Bay)
for selected product. Once you have selected Self Pick-Up option, respective Shop CS team will contact you for self-pickup arrangement.

The CS contact list are as follow:

Products Pickup Address Pickup Floor/ CS Hotline Office Pick Up Time (Except Public Holidays)
DCH Food Mart DCH Building,
20 Kai Cheung Road, Kowloon Bay,
Hong Kong
7/F – DCH Food Mart
(2768 3179/ hds@fm.dch.com.hk )
Not Applicable
(3903 4159/ InnisLee@imsasia.co​)
Monday to Friday: 9.30am to 12nn & 2pm to 5 pm
DCH AURIGA   9/F – DCH E-Commerce
(3903 4350/ cindyip@dchauriga.com )
Monday to Friday: 2.30pm to 5 pm
Sims  World of Quality Products 7/F – World of Quality Products
(2262 1788 / eshop@sims.com.hk)
Monday to Friday: 9am to 12nn & 2pm to 4pm
Sims Wine Club 7/F – Sims Wine Club
(2262 1426/ wineclub@sims.com.hk)
Monday to Friday: 9.15am to 12.45pm & 1.45pm to 5pm
EA Butler 5/F – EA Butler     
(2262 1682/ yuenkcp@eab.dch.com.hk )
Monday to Friday: 9.30am to 1pm & 2pm to 5.30 pm
Saturday: 9.30am to 12.30pm
Gilman 5/F – Gilman 
(2418 3143/ silvercheung@gilman-group.com)
Monday to Friday: 9.30am to 1pm & 2pm to 5.30 pm
DCH Motor Leasing 2/F - DCH Motor Leasing
(Local Rent-A-Car 2216 9888/
Overseas Rent-A-Car 2216 9889 / motorleasing@dchml.com.hk )
Not Applicable
MotorMech Reservation Required
(2768 2622/ sandyleung@dchmsc.com.hk )
Not Applicable
DCH Living 9/F – DCH E-Commerce
(2768 3474/ Eshop@dch.com.hk )
Monday to Friday: 2.30pm to 5 pm
Yokohama 9/F – Japan Auto Parts Co. Ltd
(2768 2338 / info@yokohamahk.com)
Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 1pm & 2pm to 5.30pm (9/F, DCH Building)
Saturday: 8.30am to 1pm & 2pm to 5.30pm (Parts Depot, G/F, DCH Building)
Sunday and public holidays: close
DCH Consumer Products 7/F
Ester Lam (2768 3098)
Samuel Pang (2768 2180)
Monday to Friday: 2.30pm to 5.30 pm
Auto Parts & Accessories Parts Depots
(Kowloon Bay/Kwai Chung/
Ap Lei Chau/Quarry Bay/
Yuen Long / San Tin)
Dah Chong Hong (Motor Service Centre) Parts Division
(2768 2384 / matthewcheng@dchmsc.com.hk)
Parts Depots
Monday to Saturday: 8:30am to 5:30pm
Sunday and public holidays: close

General Terms & conditions on After Sales:
(1)  Please contact the Customer Service Representative of the respective Shop for the terms & conditions on after sales terms
(2)  Product is in limited quantity, while stock last and upon the payment completed.
(3) Dates of receipts are based on customer signatures once received.
(4) Cosmetic allergic reactions are not product quality problems.
(5) If customer discovers breakage problems on goods received, please take photo as evidence for reference and contact  the respective Shop’s customer service hotline by phone or email immediately.
(6) If there are packing problems and missing items, please contact our customer service hotline immediately.
(7) In order to guarantee all our products (food & beverages, healthcare products) are secured for consumption, please check the expiration date upon receipt. All goods are not returnable once received and signed upon delivery.
(8) Should you have any question, please contact our Customer Service Hotline 2768 3474, or send us e.mail to Eshop@dch.com.hk
8. Termination of Membership
8.1. The Member may email to Eshop@dch.com.hk to terminate his/her Membership at any time. All of your member information, shopping record, E-coupon and accumulated E-points will not be  returned.
8.2. Misconduct, fraud, misuse of DCH Eshop Membership, its benefits or failure to follow these terms and conditions may result in the immediate termination of the Membership and cancellation of all accrued member benefit.
8.3 DCH Eshop reserves the right (with or without notice) to terminate any membership at which time all member benefit s accrued will be cancelled.
9. Liability
9.1. DCH Eshop shall not be liable to any Member for any loss, damages or expenses of any kind whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the Membership, the use of the Card or its benefits, including but not limited to the use of personal data, mistakes or fraud by any person in redeeming a benefit, whether DCH Eshop is negligence or otherwise.
9.2. DCH Eshop’s  shall not be liable to in contract, tort or otherwise in respect of any claim arising out of acts or omissions relating to the Membership in connection with which the matter arises.
9.3. DCH Eshop will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the product or service provided by any other entities in connection with the use of the Membership.
9.4. DCH Eshop’s decision in respect of any such complaint or dispute shall be final and binding on the member and DCH Eshop shall not be required to give any reason for such decision.
10. Invalidity
10.1. The invalidity, illegality or unenforceability of any provision of these terms and conditions under the laws of any jurisdiction shall not affect its validity, legality or enforceability under the laws of any other jurisdiction nor the validity, legality or enforceability of any other provisions herein contained.

11. Jurisdiction
These terms and conditions and the relationship between DCH Eshop and each Member are governed by the laws of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the People's Republic of China and the Customer and DCH Eshop agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts. DCH Eshop may revise these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. If any dispute arises, DCH Eshop's determination shall be final. Where these terms and conditions are available in Chinese, the English version is the governing version and shall prevail whenever there is a discrepancy between the two versions. 


12. Force Majeure
The Company shall not be liable for any delay or failure in its performance caused by or resulting from acts of God, fire, flood, accident, riot, war, government intervention, embargoes, strikes, labour difficulties, equipment failures, or any other causes beyond the control of Company.