User Guide

1.  Member registration

For new visitor, in the Front-page of DCH Eshop (, click the “Register” icon on the top-right corner for registering as Member. In the Registration page, you may input your personal data and contact information, follow the instruction to complete the registration process. Once you completed the registration, you will receive an e-mail to activate your account for shopping. The membership is free of charge. Your personal information will only be used for the purchase and delivery process of the Eshop. You may refer to the section “Privacy Policy” for the terms and conditions.

2.   Member Log-in & Log-out account

If you are already registered as DCH Eshop member, you can key in your registered member name and password data in the red Login Box on the top-right corner of the webpage. After logged in, you may see and use the member price for your purchase and to check your own account. If you wish to log out from Eshop, you may click the icon “Logout”on the top-right corner in every page. To protect your personal data, we recommend you to log out everytime after using your Eshop account in the public network area.   

3.  Checking / amending account data

To check or amend your personal Eshop account or to view the previous shopping records, yoy may click the icon “My Account” on the top-right corner of the webpage, or click the “My Account” icon at the bottom of the Footer in every page.

4.  Forget or reset you password

If you forgot your password, you may go to the Login Box in the top-right corner of the webpage, or press the“Log in “button in the top-right corner. Then press “FORGET PASSWORD”, by entering the email address you provided in the registration, a new password will be sent to your email address. Please keep your password in a safe place.​

If you want to change the password, after logged in, you may go to the “My Account” and change your password and other personal data.

5.  Change the Member registered email address

After successful member registration, if you wish to change the Member Login e-mail address, you may contact us at 2768 3474 during the office hour, or you may send the request to us via email, our CS desk will follow up your case.

6.  To make first purchase order

After logged in, you may see and use the Member Price for your purchase. Once you selected your items, click the “Add to Cart” button, the item will be put into the Shopping Cart. Once complete all your item selection, you may check your Shopping Cart by click the icon“My Cart” on the top-right corner in the webpage, or the blue icon at the bottom of webpage. Product is in limited quantity, while stock lasts and upon the payment completed. In the Shopping Cart, your purchased items will be in the each Shop’s Cart. To check out your shopping cart, in the first Shop, please select the delivery method and to press the “Checkout” button to confirm your order; if you have selected “Delivery”, you may input your delivery address and then press the “Submit Order” button and then make payment of the 1st order to complete the purchase process. You will receive an “Sales Order Received Notification” email for your record of this Shop

If you have selected items from more than one shop, after you have complete the payment of your first Shop’s order, you may select to come back to your Shopping Cart to process the order of the next Shop. Or, you can come back any time after logged out, to continue to process your outstanding orders.

The CS team of each Shop will contact you to confirm your order delivery details. If you are not successfully be reached before the delivery day, DCH Eshop reserve the right in the cancellation of such order. Please kindly take note, thank you.

*For the Food Mart products, please click any link of Food Mart in our website to direct to the DCH Food Mart Deluxe – Gourmet Delivery Service website. You can browse and purchase the Food Mart products in their website. For the details Terms and Conditions, please click here.

7.  Checking Purchase Order History

After logged in, you  can go to the “My Account” to review your orders records in the section “My Shopping History”. It will show detail order information   including the order statue, purchase date. If you wish to check the purchased items or if you wish to repeat purchase of any order, you may click the Order Number to review the order details.

8.  Amend or cancel purchased order

If you wish to amend or cancel a purchased order, you may contact the particular Shop (contact information listed in the email of the Order sent to you earlier.