Forlax® (Macrogol 4000) 10g, 20sachets

Forlax® (Macrogol 4000) 10g, 20sachets

Origin: France
Brand: Forlax®
HK$103.0 (box)


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Forlax® manufactured by IPSEN Pharma in France.
Macrogols of high molecular weight are long linear polymers which retain water molecules by means of hydrogen bonds. Administered by oral route, they give rise to an increase in the volume of intestinal liquids. the volume of unabsorbed intestinal liquid accounts for the laxative properties of the solution. The pharmacokinetic data confirms that Macrogol 4000 undergoes neither gastrointestinal reabsorption nor biotransformation following oral ingestion.

- Forlax® 10g is for relief constipation in adults and children aged 8 years and above. (with a maximum 3-months in children)

Please consult your doctors or pharmacists for posology