SKYN® Extra Lube 10's Pack iR Condom

SKYN® Extra Lube 10's Pack iR Condom

Origin: Thailand
Brand: SKYN
HK$209.0 BOX


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Extra Lube with ultra-smooth lubricant, bringing you maximum comfort, which increases durability by up to 150%.

SKYN® non-latex condoms are made from SKYNFEEL® , a revolutionary material which is completely free from natural rubber latex and it feels so soft and comfortable, with its great heat transfer, that you'll find it barely noticeable. Giving you both an incredibly natural feel and full of sensitivity.

Each SKYN® condom is electronically tested to meet all performance requirements of the international standard ISO 23409:2011.

SKYN® non-latex condom are suitable for people with latex allergy.

Nominal width: 53mm
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