Slumberland Dual Comfort Hybrid Pillow

Slumberland Dual Comfort Hybrid Pillow

Origin: PRC
Brand: Slumberland

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Slumberland Dual Comfort Hybrid Pillow

Two sides, two different feel. The best of both worlds.

Memory Foam + Microfibre
The Dual Comfort Hybrid Pillow with Microfibre Layer is a dual feeling pillow that combines pressure-relieving perforated core memory foam and premium super soft microfiber into one to bring sleeping comfort to the next level. 

The low resilience and slow recovery hypo-allergenic memory foam core is composed of high-technology ecological water emulsion material. Air vents in the memory foam core significantly increases the air flow for excellent climatic comfort and moisture management.

The premium quality super soft microfiber is the finest and lightest in microfiber technology, trapping more air for greater loft and warmth, giving a luxurious feeling that feels like premium down. It is also odourless, anti-static and able to wick away moisture.

*The memory foam core is not washable. 
*The microfiber layer is washable. Washing at a temperature between 30-40 degrees Celsius is recommended to protect the lining and fabric. 


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