Nutriworks Flexi Patch (1Box 20 Pieces) (Item: 876367)

Nutriworks Flexi Patch (1Box 20 Pieces) (Item: 876367)

Origin: Korea
Brand: NutriWorks友營堂
HK$118.8 (Pack)


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NutriWorks Flexi-Patch (20 Pcs)

Flexi-Patch is your portable reflexology patch or "Detox Patch". It’s great for muscle discomfort and whenever you are feeling tired and stressed and need a good night’s rest. Flexi-Patch combines ideas on reflexology, natural cleansing, traditional Chinese medicine, far infrared, use of poultices and crystal therapy.

Flexi-Patch utilizes the far-infrared (FIR) effect of certain materials to generate that stimulus. FIR has been researched for many years in relation to a wide variety of conditions such as muscle sprains, strains, peripheral vascular diseases, arthritis, shoulder stiffness, period pains etc. Many "functional fabrics" are now used in garments that also rely on FIR for improving circulation. The FIR effect may even help with people confined to a wheelchair and are therefore unable to exercise in the conventional way.

Flexi-Patch is made of a fine pulverized form of purified Mandarin Wood Vinegar, nano-tourmaline and green tea. These patches may support healthy circulation and as a consequence promote cleansing internally through normal body channels.

Flexi-Patch has a high absorptive capacity and long lasting effect during use. This product is excellent for muscular aches and pains resulting from long hours of work, exercise or due to conditions such as arthritis and gout. It may also benefit people who are stressed and unable to sleep or those with edema.