Pocari Sweat Ion Supply Drink 1.5L(12Piece) (Item: 879304)

Pocari Sweat Ion Supply Drink 1.5L(12Piece) (Item: 879304)

Origin: South Korea
Brand: Pocari Sweat
HK$238.8 (Case)


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Pocari Sweat Ion Supply Drink 1.5L

・ Maintain the balance of pH value and blood volume
・ Regulate the body muscle contraction
・ Facilitate the nerve impulse transmission

When our body fluid is insufficient (so called dehydration), the composition of electrolytes and water is imbalance, which increases the blood concentration and affects the blood circulation and transportation of nutrients.
Pocari Sweat can be efficiently absorbed by body tissue that assist our body fluid in balance condition again, it also contain some carbohydrates which serve as the source of energy.

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