Nutriworks Acti-Tape Black 5cmx5m (6 Box) (Item: 955468)

Nutriworks Acti-Tape Black 5cmx5m (6 Box) (Item: 955468)

Origin: China
Brand: NutriWorks友營堂
HK$774.0 (Pack)


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Nutriworks Acti-Tape Black 5cmx5m

The methodology is referred to by different names such as neuromuscular taping, sports taping or medical taping. Medical taping has helped countless athletes, professional and amateur alike, maintain physical excellence even when subject to extremely harsh training regimes and intensive sports events. It is increasingly common during sporting events to see participants using these colourful sports tape applied to joints and muscles. This increased visibility is resulting in the broader adoption of such taping methods amongst people who exercise regularly and who may feel the need on occasion for extra support.

Acti-Tape is a high-quality therapeutic sports tape from Nutriworks that is manufactured in accordance to strict quality (GMP & ISO) and hygiene standards. Acti-Tape is a highly elastic, non-latex body surgical tape made of thin porous cotton fabric with an adhesive. Lines of adhesive are applied in a special wave-like pattern with areas between these waves that are adhesive-free. This alternating pattern allows for greater air permeability and the tape is very comfortable to wear. Acti-Tape provides a new option in muscle rehabilitation and pain relief for everyone. All this along with the added option of making a very fashionable and colourful athletic statement!