SOYJOY Soy bar (Peanut) 27gm(48Piece) (Item: 962225)

SOYJOY Soy bar (Peanut) 27gm(48Piece) (Item: 962225)

Origin: Japan
HK$400.0 (Case)


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(Product of Sims Consumer & Healthcare Department)
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SOYJOY Soy bar (Peanut) 27gm

Product Feature

Rich in SOY nutrients, made from whole soybean
Neat and tidy consumption experience without much crumbs produced
Made by Non GMO (genetically modified) soybeans, Gluten Free
No trans-fat or hydrogenated oil
Low calorie, 109 - 119 kcal
No preservatives and chemical added
No artificial colorings, flavorings, saccharine and preservatives added, made with all natural ingredients
Low Glycemic Index, GI value is 18 - 41 per bar, able to stabilize blood glucose and good for weight management